A New Beginning

A new beginning in many ways - In terms of travel I moved from New York City to Detroit! (I’ll do more posts on that later.) On the digital side of life I’m slowly moving away from Instagram and now Twitter. It’s now a hot mess that I really want to avoid using for personal connection. I’ll still use those sites occasionally, but not nearly as often I used to.

Recently I returned backto the #fediverse on #Mastodon – but had to migrate from my original instance at mastodon.technology where I was for a year or so. I settled upon Fosstodon, which has been my happy place for the last few days. I’m bringing it back to my roots of the early 2000s, where blogging was a thing, and social media wasn’t even around. Later social media was a nice feature to keep in touch with friends, but now it’s become both cesspool of business focused marketing an empty shell of no personalities (which I was a part of 😅). It’s tough to find actual good conversations now.

When Twitter and Tumblr first started, I loved them! You could spit out fun memes or random thoughts and it wasn’t a big deal. You could comment back and forth, and even put friends on a blogroll – remember those? or webrings? They were awesome to find new people to follow. Oh and let’s not forget RSS – the best protocol ever! I ready a great toot from someone describing the falling of RSS that I forgot to bookmark – basically RSS never displayed ads, and social media wants you to look at ads. ALL DAY LONG. So Google and other companies started to stop promoting RSS so that you could visit the social media sites to make money off of your eyeballs and data. It hit me like a ton of bricks!

I’ve “left” Facebook (I only have it open for my work account), pretty much have left Instagram, and will slowly leave Twitter. I hope that the people who I do enjoy to read about move over to Mastodon, but no worries if they don’t. I’ll need to curate my Twitter feed a bit more to focus on content that I like. I mainly use it to promote my Twitch livestream hobby and connect with other techs and gamers.

So yeah, I’m very excited to come back to a simpler web and leave other popular social media slowly. If you like this blog, please follow me or this blog on the fediverse! You can also follow me on my website/Tumblr where I collect my thoughts, import tweets, toots, and still post some other fun things. If you want to get in touch with me, find me on Fosstodon or Twitter (less and less) or leave a comment.